Price list

Are you wondering if hypnotherapy is for you? I offer a free 30-minute consultation during which you will find out if I can help in your specific situation. Sign up for a free consultation by clicking the button below.


1 online hypnotherapy session – EUR 100

1 on-site hypnotherapy session – EUR 125

package of 3 online hypnotherapy sessions – EUR 280

package of 3 on-site hypnotherapy sessions – EUR 350

package of 5 online hypnotherapy sessions – EUR 440

package of 5 on-site hypnotherapy sessions – EUR 550

* duration of each session is approx. 120 minutes **effectiveness for online and on-site sessions is the same

Multidimensional healing

100 – 300 EUR – for the entire healing process according to the chosen intention

(Contact me and tell me your intention. Your participation in the session is not required.)

Art therapy

online art therapy session – 40 EUR per person

in-person art therapy session – 50 EUR per person

* session duration is 60 minutes ** art therapy can take place both as part of individual and group sessions (max. 5 people in a group) *** in the case of group sessions, there is a 5 EUR discount for each person participating


In the case of online sessions, please make a transfer one day before the meeting or send a confirmation of the transfer to my e-mail address:

Bank account number for transfer: 92 1050 1764 1000 0091 3824 0941