Preparation for the death of a loved one

I assist in the process of preparing for the inevitable separation from a loved one. I also support dying people in coming to terms with their upcoming death.

Support in dying and saying goodbye

In my hypnotherapy practice in the area of ​​death preparation, my work is focused on two main areas of emotional support:

Preparing for separation from a loved one: I help people who are facing the inevitable separation from a loved one. My support focuses on helping you deal with the difficult emotions that accompany such a situation. I help you process your feelings, express your needs and concerns, and find peace during this extremely difficult time. This form of support is addressed to both those who are going through a breakup and those who are preparing to say goodbye to a loved one due to their inevitable death.

Support for dying people: I also support people who are in the terminal stage of their illness and are preparing for their upcoming death. My approach is based on empathy and concern for the patient’s mental comfort during this delicate period. I help patients come to terms with the fact of approaching death, supporting them emotionally and spiritually. My services may include hypnotherapeutic techniques that help reduce anxiety and contribute to achieving peace and acceptance of the inevitability of death. Hypnotherapy also helps relieve physical pain that often accompanies the disease in its advanced stages.

In both cases, my support is dedicated to people who need help in dealing with difficult emotions and finding peace in situations that carry a huge emotional challenge (the imminent death of a loved one or their own impending death). I care about providing a safe and supportive space where everyone can express their feelings, needs and concerns, as well as find support in the process of accepting changes and life events that are inevitable or difficult to accept.