Discover the path to transformation and free yourself from the blocks limiting your life satisfaction.

What is hypnotherapy about?

During hypnotherapy sessions, the therapist leads the client into a hypnotic state, which is a state of focused attention, similar to deep meditation. This state is achieved through relaxation and deep concentration on internal experiences, which allows access to the deeper layers of the mind, i.e. the subconscious. In the hypnotic state, the client remains fully conscious, controls his thoughts and behavior, and cooperates with the therapist.

I invite you to a hypnotherapy session that will help you find inner harmony and overcome various challenges. We will work to achieve your goals by deeply relaxing your mind and focusing on your internal resources. Thanks to my experience and empathetic approach, I will create a personalized therapeutic plan for you, tailored to your individual needs.

Applications of hypnotherapy


Reducing stress and anxiety


Improving the quality of sleep and alleviating insomnia


Help in dealing with chronic pain


Support in the weight loss process


Improving self-esteem and self-confidence


Personal and spiritual development


Combating phobias and fears


Improved performance and concentration


Supporting the therapeutic process in the case of trauma


Support after the loss of a child and loved ones


Preparing for the departure of a loved one

What does a hypnotherapy session look like?


Preliminary interview

We will discuss the goals you want to focus on during our hypnotherapy sessions. This is an important time for you to feel comfortable, ask questions and get answers to the issues that concern you.


Hypnotic induction

This stage is necessary for you to enter a state of relaxation and concentration. This is the moment when we begin to put your mind in a state conducive to therapy. I will guide you through relaxing imagery or focusing on your breathing to help you achieve this state.


Therapeutic work

Once you are in the hypnotic state, we will start working towards your therapeutic goals. In this state, you are more open to suggestions. I use various therapeutic techniques that will help you process difficult emotions, change negative habits or overcome other challenges. I will guide you through visualizations, relaxation exercises and therapeutic suggestions.


Return to consciousness

After completing the therapeutic work, I will gradually lead you back to full consciousness and awakening. You will feel refreshed and relaxed, ready for the day ahead.


Summary and plan for the future

At the end of the session, we will discuss what happened during the therapeutic work and what thoughts or feelings accompany you. Together, we will also determine a plan for further work and decide whether we need more sessions.