Art Therapy

Discover the path to self-expression through art therapy, where art becomes a bridge to reflection, self-development and self-acceptance.


What is art therapy about?

Art therapy is an innovative form of therapy that uses the process of creative artistic activity as a tool for discovering, expressing and transforming emotions, thoughts and life experiences. Through painting, drawing, creating sculptures, taking photographs and other forms of artistic expression, art therapy allows you to explore your interior and understand your feelings in a way that is full of acceptance.

One of the main aspects of art therapy is its ability to shape self-acceptance and self-confidence. Creating art creates a safe space in which we can experiment, express our thoughts and feelings, and discover new aspects of our identity.

Art therapy will help you discover your strengths and unleash your creative potential, which will translate into greater self-confidence and a positive self-image.

During art therapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to explore your emotions, beliefs and experiences, creating works of art that reflect your inner world. The creative process becomes a tool for developing insight into oneself, dealing with difficulties and building a healthy self-awareness.

In addition to building self-acceptance, art therapy is also widely used in the treatment of people struggling with depression.

Art therapy workshops

“Find your inner power: Workshop on increasing self-confidence and self-acceptance”

During these workshops you will have a unique opportunity to experience how the combination of hypnotherapy techniques and art self-expression works. You will discover your power, inner resources and the ability to accept yourself. The combination of hypnotherapy and art therapy techniques enables deep work with the subconscious mind and creative expression, creating a unique environment for personal development.

During the workshop we will use several techniques:

phototherapy – includes a variety of activities, including viewing existing photos, creating new images, describing emotions caused by photographs and conducting therapeutic conversations.

chromotherapy – it is work with color that uses different colors to influence the physical, emotional and energetic health of a person. Each color has unique energy properties that can affect different aspects of life. The goal of chromotherapy is to balance specific chakras, each of which is assigned a unique color.

aromatherapy – is a natural form of therapy that uses the power of the scents of plant essential oils to promote physical and emotional health. It also has a great anti-stress effect.

Art therapy